Well-being for owners and their dogs: massage, yoga, breathwork

Kelly has created a unique class where we invite you to bring your special four-legged friend to join!

In this class we will invite you to bond deeper with your dog and create a special connection through the power of meditation, massage techniques, simple breathing and a few yin yoga shapes together with your dog. Kelly is a massive dog lover and outside of yoga teaching, she works as a dog trainer, so she is really excited about combining all her knowledge in this special class.

This session will run for 75 minutes and we ask for you to only join if your dog is well behaved, can relax by you and won’t find it stressful to be in the yoga studio around other dogs.

Due to the nature of this class, we will have some rules:

  • Please keep your dog on lead and collar/harness the whole time
  • We ask you to ensure your dog’s vaccinations are up to date and have had flea and worming medication
  • We ask for your dog to be a minimum of two years old to participate
  • It’s important your dog can walk or be carried upstairs at the Bindi studio
  • Your dog must be social with both people and other dogs; in the instance they find it stressful during the class, you may be kindly asked to leave or can make this choice yourself
  • Please don’t bring toys or treats for your dog but something they are familiar with to relax on during the class such as a blanket.

We can’t wait to try out this new experience and hope it can create some long – lasting memories together and meet some new four legged friends!

Datum : zondag 18 augustus
Tijd: 18:00 tot 19:15
Kosten: 30 euro
Aanmelding: Via ons online systeem

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