Breathwork & movement with your dog

Kelly will offer you a mindful Breathwork & Movement class together with your dog. 

She will offer you a safe space to connect with your four legged friend in a fun and gentle way! This is suitable for dogs over two years old, who feel safe around other dogs and people. They will be in a space with new sounds and equipment so please ensure they are going to enjoy this new experience! 

Kelly is a yoga and breathwork teacher and dog trainer. Her real passion is to enhance and support both dogs and owners well-being. This class will aim to combine all her skills and allow owners to connect with their dog in a beautiful and wholesome way. 

Everything will be designed to calm the nervous system for both dog & owner. We will start with some gentle yoga shapes and massage for your dog (lucky them!). Everything is catered for dogs of different sizes. We will then move into some breathwork where we will breathe together and notice what happens with the connection towards your dog and their overall state when we do this. 

Please ensure your dog has their bed or blanket and on a lead. Please don’t bring treats or snacks as we don’t want this to get in the way or cause any conflict between the dogs. 

Datum : zondag 15 september
Tijd: 14:00 tot 15:00
Kosten: 25 euro
Aanmelding: Via ons online systeem

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