Face Yoga

Face Yoga is a great way to treat your skin and maintain your beauty naturally. Regular practice of Face Yoga will help to tone and tighten your face like a natural face-lift

Like any part of the body our skin changes with age. It looses elasticity, volume and accumulates fine lines and wrinkles. All of this is happening because of decreased production of collagen, elastin and gravity force. The wrinkles itself are the direct effect of the repetitive movements of our face muscles. 

The idea behind Face Yoga is to make the muscles bigger and stronger so they can fill up the skin much better from the inside-out. Regular practice can bring amazing results: regained volume of the face, improved contours, softer lines, relaxed muscles and corrected muscle movements. Face Yoga teaches how to fully control facial expressions and influence the facial muscle memory in order to prevent future wrinkles. 

Besides of the “beauty” effect, Face Yoga is great complementary yoga practice to your regular classes, as it helps to relax the face (releases tension especially from the forehead and eyebrows), neck and shoulders, promotes deep, conscious, mindful breathing, and raises self-awareness. 

It’s a great way to relax and spend some ‘me time’! 

During the workshop you will learn: 

  • Which Hatha Yoga Poses are great for the skin itself;
  • How to work on the facial muscles of the forehead, eye-area, cheeks and mouth, lips, nasolabial lines, neck and jawline;
  • How to give yourself a face and head massage;
  • How to release the tension in the body through tapping. 

What to take?

  • Your favourite cream (in case your skin becomes dry, and we don’t stretch dry skin!)
  • Mirror (to be able to control movements of the face muscles, especially the forehead!
  • Good mood and a bit of distance (we will be making a lot of funny faces!)

Datum: zondag 18 november
Tijd: 13.00 tot 15.30 uur
Kosten: 25 euro
Informatie en aanmelding: of via ons online systeem

Over Asia Jokiel

Asia is een yogadocent die gespecialiseerd is in klassieke Hatha Yoga- en Vinyasa-lessen. Ze volgde de Yoga Teacher Training Course aan de beroemde Arhanta Yoga International en voltooide 200 uur studie op het gebied van asana, pranayama, yoga en vedische filosofie en onderwijsvaardigheden onder leiding van Yogi Ram, Yogi Omkar en Yogini Kalyani.

"The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are"