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Face Yoga is a set of facial exercises and expressions from various yoga practices mixed with an Asian art of facial massage. It is a practice focused on improving the looks and health of the face but it has the same effect on the mind as any other traditional yoga practices: it calms, distresses, empties the mind. Face Yoga can be practiced on its own, as a separate activity, or it can become the integral part of the daily traditional yoga practice of any style (Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, etc…).

Face Yoga works as any other exercises introduced to the body. Mindful, proper movements will help to keep the muscles young and healthy – like in the famous saying “use it or loose it!” Your muscles support the skin and the skin moves as the muscles do. When you exercise facial muscles they become stronger and bigger and fill up the skin. The contour and firmness of the whole face improves, it works a natural face lift.

Once you gain some control over your facial muscles, you will be able to influence or even completely change your mimics to avoid and reduce wrinkles. You will become aware of how your facial muscles work and you will be able to change some of the “bad habits”, reprogrammed muscle memory and break that vicious circle of repetitive movements. That works as a natural botox.

Regular practice of Face Yoga a few minutes a day will help you to maintain and improve the condition of the skin an the look of the firm sculpted face. Skin will get tighter, brighter and even slightly blushed. Your face will feel alive again.

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You can start at any time and go through the course at your own pace.

This course will be in English.



Asia Jokiel will be your guide and Face Yoga teacher for the next 14 days. During this period you will learn how to improve the looks and overall health of your face by increasing the awareness of your facial muscles.

Every courseday you are going to try new poses and learn how to build your own Face Yoga routine. This will evolve into your daily Face Yoga ritual or routine. You will learn specifique techniques like tapping and a facial massage that will relax the facial muscles.

You will create a habit that will stay with you long after the course is over!

Here’s what you’ll get in this course:

  • 16 instructive videos. Each recorded class takes about 10 minutes;
  • Short homework assignments that take about 10-20 minutes per course day;
  • A 100 pages pdf workbook with detailed descriptions and photos;
  • An online community to share your experiences;
  • Unlimited access to all course materials;
  • Learn anytime, anywhere;
  • Finish the course at your own pace.

After 14 days of the course you will have 14 different Face Yoga sequences ready to go!

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