Ming Janssen

Ming’s curiosity for Yoga and embodied practices started as a student in Bali, when she was first introduced to Kundalini Hatha Yoga. After a period of immersive practice in a local Balinese ashram, she felt incredibly empowered by the vitality and clarity in body-mind. This glimpse of our body as a vehicle for awakening ignited her inquiry into the science of Yoga. And it hasn’t stopped since.

Her teachings are informed by decades of experience in Hatha Yoga, meditation, Somatics, and Embodied Flow™. Originally from the Netherlands, Ming has spent 11 years overseas and grown deep roots in New Zealand and Indonesia. In connection with Balinese and Māori tribes, Ming has expanded and developed her practices.

With her company ‘Colourful Hearts’ she wants to reconnect people with the wisdom of their heart, their body and nature. As she believes this is the foundation for creating the world our hearts know is possible.

Ming also offers private yoga classes, somatic coaching, and workshops. Visit her website for more info: colourfulhearts.nl


"The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are"