Private yoga classes in English

Achieve your goals and fulfil the needs with highly personalized private yoga classes with Asia Jokiel.

Everyone is different – has different proportions, holds tension in different areas of the body and has different experiences regarding physical activity. Private yoga classes create space where all those needs can be met, noticed and answered.

Asia is always very dedicated to her students and takes her time to understand their needs and goals in order to create a yoga program that will really benefit them. With her extensive teaching experience (more than 3000 hours of given classes) she can tailor a perfect practice for everyone.

There are many yoga styles and techniques that can help you achieve your goals: strong and powerful Vinyasa Yoga, calming and relaxing Yin Yoga or classical and meditative Hatha Yoga. To improve your breathing patterns we can practice elements of Pranayama and to specifically influence your mindset, distress or relax, we can practice Yoga Nidra.

Private classes can focus on one particular yoga style or combine all of them to your benefit. All those different yogic approaches have one common goal: to bring peace and comfort into your life, remove stress and increase the awareness.

Which Yoga practice fits you and your lifestyle? We will discover that together during the short interview before our first class. Asia will ask about your needs, goals, wishes and expectations regarding yoga. Then she will tailor a perfect class that will suit you best.

For whom are the private classes?

  • Busy executives, entrepreneurs and parents trying to combine their work with the rest of their busy life.
  • People with unusual work schedule, which prevents them from joining group classes.
  • Beginners to yoga who want to learn all the basics and fundamentals before joining the group class environment.
  • People with specific medical history or injuries preventing them from joining group classes.
  • Students coming back to yoga after a long break to slowly built up their strength and stamina and awaken muscle memory.
  • Advanced students who feel stagnated in the group yoga classes and want to take their practice to the next level.
  • Introverts who prefer quiet, comfortable setting with no distractions and other people over a busy yoga studio.
  • Everyone who likes individual approach and learning at their own pace.

What are the benefits of the private yoga classes?

  • Private yoga classes are focused on your personal needs and goals. Either you want to improve your physical condition, distress or relax, private yoga practice will reflect that giving you exactly what is necessary and what makes sense to you.
  • Private practice is tailored especially for you. Chosen asanas (yoga poses) and breathing exercises work with your physical state, injuries, health condition and other limitations. Practice is there to serve your needs.
  • You learn fundamentals and correct alignments step by step at your own pace. Your skills and awareness develop in a right, steady way, ensuring safe and beneficial practice.
  • You can advance your yogic skills with pre-determined goals and take your practice to the next level. If you want to focus on a certain pose or ability the private class will concentrate exactly on that.
  • You can practice around your schedule, choosing times and dates that will suit you. No more missing your weekly practice, just because you are busy! Private Yoga balances your daily activities bringing harmony into the life.
  • You can practice anywhere you want. Live meetings take place in the Meditation Room at Bindi, but anytime you need the class can be scheduled online via Zoom. During the online session you still get the full benefit of the practice without being bound to the place.
  • You receive regular help, guidance and support from Asia. Discovering how your body and mind are connected is a process that takes time and proper understanding.
  • Private setting is more comfortable and calming – it is your safe space. No-one is watching, no-one is judging. You can relax, let go of the masks, ask questions and be open about your feelings.

Would you like to try?

Asia Jokiel
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