Hatha Yoga with Singing Bowls

We would like to invite you to join a very special and rare yoga practice, where yoga poses, breathing exercises and singing bowls come together in one deeply relaxing, profound experience.

Asia will guide you through a complete and well balanced Hatha Yoga practice (based on Sivananda’s sequence) that has a positive effect on emotional and physical health. It will be traditional, slow paced but still very powerful class focused on calming the mind, increasing flexibility, strength and vitality of your body. We are going to work with the classical, traditional yoga poses to minimize the cueing and alignment work and keep the space for experiencing the SOUND of the singing bowls.

Karin plays on singing bowls for years and is having her own practice where she offers sound massages / sound baths and uses the vibrations for relaxation and healing purposes. During the XXL class she will use her singing bowls to compliment our movements and breathing patterns. Vibrant, trilling sounds of the singing bowls travel deep into the body providing the whole body massage on the cellular level. They have very positive effect on the body and mind.

What to expect?:

  • Very traditional asana practice
  • Several pranayamas (breathing exercises)
  • A lot of silence and minimum cues.
  • Slow paced practice that will make you tired anyway 😉
  • Gentle sounds of the singing bowls throughout the entire practice
  • Sound bath instead of traditional final relaxation
  • Deep rest and profound relaxation.

See you soon!

Datum : zondag 24 oktober
Tijd: 14:00 tot 16:30
Kosten: 35 euro
Informatie en aanmelding: of via ons online systeem

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