Meditation & Yoga

This 2,5h class will be a combination of different meditation techniques and asana flow practice around the theme loving oneself.

Sometimes we find ourselves busy with sending our energy to the outside: caring for others, work, new challenges and somehow our days are full, ending with a feeling of exhaustion. When do I have time for myself? When can I do something that truly gives me joy? How can I surrender to life and let my heart be open? 

This extra long class is a time to come back to yourself, focusing on the inside, on your heart. We will breathe and move filling our souls with self love, taking the time to feel and make space to release. 

This is your workshop if you want to spend some time bringing your energy to yourself, sending love and deep breaths to every part of your body and regaining energy. 

The XXL class includes

  • Meditation techniques: body scan, visualization, heart chakra & gratitude
  • Flow of asana practice focused on heart opening postures, all levels welcome!
  • Breathing exercises: understanding how we can always come to our breath when we feel overloaded. 

The program

  • Initial relaxation & exploration of the heart. What are you feeling right now?
  • Meditation & asana practice focused on opening the heart and releasing tension
  • Deep body scan relaxation, how to relax every part of your body
  • Short break
  • Exploring your feelings & journaling about them
  • Asana flow to come back to ourselves when feeling overwhelmed
  • Heart chakra meditation, visualization and tools to come back to our hearts 

Loving yourself is connecting with who you are, accepting and embracing what your heart tells in a gentle, calm and open way. 

Come to this XXL class to move within, strengthening the relation with yourself. Once we connect with this, our hearts can expand and share with the world. 

Looking forward to sharing meditation & yoga together!

Datum: zondag 14 april
Tijd: 13.00 tot 15.30 uur
Kosten: 32 euro of 2 lessen van je kaart/abonnement
Informatie en aanmeldinginfo@bindi.nu of via ons online systeem


Cristina is a yoga teacher of Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin yoga. She loves to combine her yoga classes with meditation, setting intentions and moments of deep self connection. Flowing with your own body and breath is her goal during the classes. Next to a yoga teacher, Cristina is also a Reiki practitioner. This Japanese healing technique, helps to channelize the energy of the body in order to release tensions and find calm. A Reiki healing session allows you to relax, find more peace within and dissolve energetic blockages in the body. When joining Cristina for yoga, expect to move, breath (sometimes sweat!) and open your heart. Let the sense of adventure lead you and discover more about yourself when practicing yoga or book yourself a Reiki healing session. More about Cristina on www.bluerockyoga.com

"The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are"