Sivananda Yoga

This class is open for everybody: doesn’t matter if your are a beginner or more advanced yogi!

Friday evening 2,5 hour long yoga practice of Classical Hatha Yoga to release the tension in the body and mind after a long and busy week.

This mindful practice will challenge your body, empty your mind, deepen your concentration and bring you into a deep relaxation state.

Classical Hatha Yoga is traditional, slow paced but still very powerful practice that will calm your mind and will increase flexibility, strength and vitality of your body. During the class we will be following the method of Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh in Northern India -  one of the most known and inspiring yoga teachers of all times.  Asanas (poses) during the class are performed in suggested order that helps to open energy channels within the body and stimulate the inner organs, starting by the Crown Chakra (Sahastrara) and finishing by the Root Chakra (Muladhara).

It is a complete and well balanced yoga practice that has a positive effect on emotional and physical health.

Class will include several pranayamas (breathing exercises), warm-up with Sun Salutations, asanas (postures) and final deep relaxation using autosuggestion technique. We will finish the practice with sitting meditation.

Datum: vrijdag 7 februari
Tijd: 19.00 tot 21.30 uur
Kosten: 32 euro of 2 lessen van je kaart/abonnement
Informatie en aanmeldinginfo@bindi.nu of via ons online systeem


Over Asia Jokiel

Asia is een yogadocent die gespecialiseerd is in klassieke Hatha Yoga- en Vinyasa-lessen. Ze volgde de Yoga Teacher Training Course aan de beroemde Arhanta Yoga International en voltooide 200 uur studie op het gebied van asana, pranayama, yoga en vedische filosofie en onderwijsvaardigheden onder leiding van Yogi Ram, Yogi Omkar en Yogini Kalyani.

"The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are"