Terri Duan

Terri is a RYT® 500 certified yoga teacher by Yoga alliance. After qualified as a RYT® 200 vinyasa teacher, she went on a further 300 hours study for Vinyasa, classic Hatha and meditation. 

Terri has a great passion for teaching and deeply inspired by the detailed physical practice and philosophical background of Ashtanga Yoga and classic Hahta. She integrated Vinyasa and Pranayama into her daily Vinyasa and Hatha teaching and practice. She teaches with great passion and love. Her kind and warm hearted approach makes her class fun and rewarding.

Terri was born and raised in China. She lived many years in England before she moved to the Netherlands. For her, Yoga is not only a physical practice, but a light to guide her through life. Yoga has given her the stability, the balance and a deep sense of joy. Apart from teaching yoga, Terri is also an established artist. She loves to inspire others through her art works and her teaching.

You can find more about Terri on instagram.

"The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are"